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It’s odd that I'm writing this. I never thought I’d have a skincare routine, let alone write about one. This all changed when I found a product that helps me reverse the age of my skin (reduce wrinkles, coloring, etc.). If you know me, you know that I’ll try just about anything (within reason…sometimes). I figured it was worth a shot, and since using it, I’ve received more compliments on my skin than ever (seriously).


The company is called OneSkin, and I use their product, OS-O1 FACE. This isn’t an ad, but I am an investor in the company. My Chief of Staff, Esther, introduced me to them and kept bugging me about trying it. I’m so happy I did. 


The science of OneSkin is fascinating and worth discussion for a moment.



The Science of OS-01

OneSkin was cofounded in 2016 by a pioneering team of four female PhDs from Brazil. They include CEO Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD (an expert in stem cell biology) and Chief Science Officer Alessandra Zonari, PhD (an expert in skin regeneration), who dazzled the audience during a recent Longevity Platinum Trip.

Their mission is to revitalize your skin from the inside and extend your “skinspan”—the period in which your skin remains healthy and youthful.

How? “We’re targeting what we believe is the root cause of skin aging,” says Dr. Reis Oliveira. As she explains, the chief culprits are senescent cells, which are damaged cells that build up in the body, contributing to aging and age-related disease. As senescent cells accumulate in our skin, they create wrinkles and sagging, produce inflammation, and also make us more susceptible to skin cancer. So OneSkin set out to kill them.

The company developed a powerful screening mechanism that made it possible to evaluate about 1,000 small peptides (amino acid sequences) to see if any of them would eliminate senescent cells. They hit the jackpot, discovering one highly effective small peptide that they christened OS-01. OneSkin’s experiments have shown that this proprietary peptide can significantly decrease the level of senescent cells, reducing the age of the skin by several years at a molecular level. In short, it’s all about long-term restoration and rejuvenation.

Companies like this are becoming far more common. Age reversal tech is here, AND it’s working. I highly encourage you take advantage of it. I see so many people in pain for no good reason. The world is abundantly rich to help you solve the challenges of your life—USE it!


Live Abundantly, 


Peter. H. Diamandis, MD


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I'm running two VIP trips I call my “Platinum Longevity Trip” covering top scientists, startups, labs, and CEOs in San Francisco and San Diego. I do the same trip twice for up to 40 participants: Sept. 11 - 15, 2024 or Oct. 9 - 13, 2024.

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We’ll cover everything from Advanced Regenerative Medicine (AI Drug Discovery, CRISPR, Gene Therapies, etc.) and Disease Management Breakthroughs (Cancer, Genetic Diseases, Diabetes, etc.) to the latest research on the Longevity Basics including how to improve sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements, among others.

You’ll meet with 35 of the most extraordinary scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders shaping the longevity revolution. Here are just a few of them: 

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  • Dr. Catriona "Cat" Jamieson, MD, PhD: UCSD (Cancer Stem Cells research) 

  • Blake Byers, PhD: Co-Founder & CEO, NewLimit (Backed by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong + Blake Byers)

  • Eric Verdin, MD: CEO, Buck Institute (World’s leading Longevity Institute)

  • Stefanie Strathdee, PhD: UCSD (Global authority on Phage research)

  • Helen Messier, PhD/MD: Chief Medical Officer, Fountain Life

  • And many more!

Both trips are identical (capped at 40 participants per trip), during which I spend all 5 days with you as your private guide and provocateur. Through this personalized, action-packed program, my mission is to give you exclusive, first-hand exposure to the major players, scientists, companies, and treatments in the longevity and vitality arena.

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I rely on the VIOME Full Body Intelligence Test and Precision Supplements to keep me healthy.

Viome has completely changed my approach to eating and taking my supplements. Viome tells me exactly what foods I should be avoiding or eating based on my test results. I no longer have to think about what supplements I should be taking because they custom make the supplements with the nutrients I need and with the dosage I need. 

The results have been stellar—I sleep better, have more energy, and no longer experience digestive issues. 

Viome’s groundbreaking research paper in iScience blew me away with its ability to measure biological markers of aging using 1 million samples. Their paper in the American Journal of Lifestyle showed over 30% improvements in diabetes, weight loss, depression, IBS, and anxiety, proving the effectiveness of their precision approach.

I highly recommend Viome to everyone for their health and longevity.

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I discuss practices to extend your lifespan and healthspan on my podcast. Here’s a conversation I recently enjoyed:

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