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“Win the morning to win the day.”

In my 20’s and 30’s I never thought about “morning routines”... Now I think it’s one of the most important things I do.

In case you have ever wondered (or cared) what I do in my mornings, this lays it out.


Waking Up: 6:00am – 6:30am

Starting my morning right at 6am, begins with my 9:30pm bedtime the night before. Getting 8 hours of sleep is a priority for me.

Here’s what I do as soon as I wake up:

  • Check My Oura Score: The Oura Ring helps me measure and gamify my sleep. It gives you a daily “Sleep Score” – my goal is 90 or more... it’s motivation for getting to bed by 9:30pm.

  • Oral Routine: I’m focusing on oral healthcare more than ever—it drives brain health, cardiac health, and microbiome health.

    • Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System: I use an amazing 3D printed mouthpiece called Proclaim that shoots individual jets of water (like a Waterpik) between all my teeth. Takes 15 seconds. Powerful & fast!

    • Hydrosonic Electric toothbrush (by Curaprox) and On Guard toothpaste (3 minutes).

    • Dental Herb Tooth & Gums Tonic mouthwash

  • Skin Routine: I use OneSkin’s OS-O1 face cream every day (and their body lotion) to kill senescent skin cells and reverse skin aging.

  • Take 100mg of Modafinil (a Nootrophic) + Morning Supplements/Meds: Most mornings I use a nootropic (“cognitive enhancer”) called Modafinil to focus my mind, alongside my other supplements. In total, I take over 75 supplements each day, which I won’t detail in this blog. I mention the Modafinil only because I was recently asked about it and discussed it on my Moonshots podcast.

  • A Cup of Coffee: I limit myself to a single cup of caffeinated coffee. Any other coffee I might have during the day is decaffeinated.

My First 30 Minutes: ~6:30am – 7:00am

With my wakeup routine done, here’s what I do next:

  • Red Light Therapy (Body, Scalp & Mouth): I take in 20 minutes of redlight simultaneously from 3 devices:

    • (1) I use a PlatinumLED BIOMAX 900 redlight panel for my body (reducing inflammation, promoting healthy skin).

    • (2) Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap to stimulate hair growth.

    • (3) A Guardian+ BioLight mouthpiece to kill harmful bacteria in my mouth and support gum health.

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation: During my red light session, I put a Pulsetto “vagus nerve stimulator” around my neck. It’s used to activate the vagus nerve with benefits like increasing your heart-rate variability (HRV), lowering blood pressure and stress, reducing inflammation, and improving mood.

  • Meditation: I try to do a brief 20 minute meditation every morning and typically using the Muse app, which has some great meditations as well as a brainwave monitoring device (which I cannot use at the same time as my Pulsetto).

My Next 30 Minutes: ~7:00am – 7:30am

  • Hot Mug of Nutri11: I use this protein drink as my coffee replacement each morning. With zero sugar and 11 grams of protein, I LOVE the taste (sweetened by monk fruit).

  • Prioritize My Day: One of the most important things I do when I first sit down at my desk is look at my schedule for the day and make a laundry list of everything I’m thinking of doing that day. Next, I prioritize my top 5 items. Mental note: “If I do these, then today is huge win!” Everything else is a bonus.

  • Process My Email: Next, I’ll review the emails that came in overnight. Touching each email once... delete, forward, and/or answer them accordingly.

  • Protein Shake: Next up is a protein shake (Ka’Chava or whey protein) of about 30 grams, including 5 grams of creatine and a Mitopure supplement. This serves as prep for my workout.

My Next 45 Minutes: ~7:30am – 8:15am

  • Weight Workout: I do a short but intense 30- to 40-minute weight workout targeting both my upper and lower body. My goal is to do this 5 days per week.

My Next 30 – 60 Minutes: ~8:15am – 9am

  • Writing Session: Every morning, I dedicate at least 30 minutes (sometimes an hour or two) to writing my weekly blog that I publish twice per week or a current book project. I love writing. It focuses my mind.

Then I’m ready to jump into the day!

What’s your morning routine?

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