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The FUTURE Leaves Clues...

Apr 12, 2017

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The future leaves clues...

Here’s a recent tech article that got me excited.

Energy Disruption

This week, California ISO, a California electric company, announced it hit an all-time peak served by renewables of 56.7 percent (electricity).

California is on track to meet its 50 percent clean energy target by 2030 with ease.

What it Means

We’re heading towards a wholesale change in the energy economy over the next 20 years.

From hydrocarbon (oil, gas, coal) to all electric, think massive-solar.

I used to think that gas-guzzling cars would maintain the petrochemical industry for a few more decades, but electric-autonomous “car as a service” will cause us each to park, sell, or junk our internal-combustion cars for something that is 10x cheaper and much better (i.e. autonomous Ubers).

Get ready for oil and gas to go the way of whale oil.

Once useful, eventually laughable.

Remember that energy is not scarce.

We have 8,000 times more energy hitting the Earth’s surface in one day than we consume as an entire species.

That energy, the solar flux, isn’t yet in a easily usable form.

But that is changing... fast.

Given the global, exponential growth in solar and the coming innovations in battery technologies (I get five to 10 introductions to new battery technology companies each month), plus deployments like Tesla’s Gigafactory, I’m firmly convinced we’re heading towards a transition.

Coal is already dead.

Oil and gas may not be far behind.

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