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How long do you want to live?

If your goal is to live long enough to intercept the next wave of longevity-extending technologies, then paying attention to the current wave of new diagnostic, therapeutic, and rejuvenation technologies being released will be critical. Keeping yourself educated on these topics has to be top of mind

The age-reversal / healthspan-extension field has attracted tens of billions of dollars of investment and the top biotech talent, which in turn has accelerated the pace of change.

It shouldn’t be surprising how fast the field is moving since, in success, age-reversal / healthspan-extension would likely be the biggest business on the planet.

Beyond that, what matters to all of us more than our health? Health is the new wealth! 

Every year I put together a comprehensive 5-day deep dive on the latest breakthroughs in the arena of new diagnostics and therapeutics, looking at everything from earlier and more accurate cancer detection, to better treatment and even prevention of cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases. 

Add to that, a look at gene therapies, vaccines, and CRISPR therapeutics related to age-reversal and the trip makes for an uplifting glimpse into the future.

Ultimately, my mission is to transform the way you think about longevity by giving you overwhelming evidence of these health and medical advancements that are accelerating and will add healthy decades to our lives. 

Let me take a moment and share with you what I’ve lined up for my upcoming Platinum Longevity Trips this August and September. (I repeat the Trip twice to keep the group size small and accommodate demand.)

Here’s a quick overview of the Trip!


We’ll kick off the Trip in the Bay Area (SF) by building your foundation and learning about the practical steps you can take TODAY to increase your healthspan and longevity. 

But before getting into specific practices and steps, we want to make sure you have a grounding in the latest research in aging science. 

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann, a leading thinker on aging and author of The Kaufmann Protocol, will teach us the basics of aging science, and take us on a tour of the latest developments in the field.

We’ll then learn the fundamentals of CRISPR from Trevor Martin, CEO of Mammoth Biosciences, an amazing next-generation CRISPR diagnostics and therapeutics company (spun out of Dr. Jennifer Doudna’s lab, CRISPR co-inventor and Nobel Prize winner).

With those fundamentals in place, we’ll move on to what I call the basics: sleep, exercise, and diet.

SLEEP: Getting enough sleep is one of the most underappreciated elements of extending your lifespan. We’ll have neuroscientist and leading sleep expert Dr. Matt Walker discuss how sleep is a superpower and how you can use it to positively impact your health. 

EXERCISE: Exercise is also fundamental to longevity. We’ll hear from Bjoern Woltermann, CEO of Katalyst, who will show us how the company’s exoskeleton and “Electro Muscle Stimulation” technology can activate your muscles six times more than other workouts. Next up, Kyle Zagrodzky, CEO of health and wellness company OsteoStrong, will share his insights on how you can safely boost bone and muscle strength in less than 10 minutes per week using osteogenic loading exercises.

DIET: Renowned physician and researcher Dr. Dean Ornish will then discuss diet and mindset and how you can use what you eat to prevent and even reverse chronic diseases. 

But how do you know that your sleep, diet, and exercise regime are actually having a positive impact on your health and longevity?

An at-home diagnostics company called “Levels” is using biosensors such as continuous glucose monitoring to give you personalized, real-time feedback on how your diet and exercise affect your metabolic health. We’ll hear from Levels President Josh Clemente and Chief Medical Officer Casey Means, who will share their insights on how the company’s intelligent metabolic coach helps you optimize your health.


What are the latest developments in cancer detection? 

What are the top doctors, researchers, and scientists tracking in terms of what’s happening with our heart, cardiovascular system, and neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

First, renowned physician-entrepreneur and innovator Dr. Daniel Kraft will give us an overview of all the major developments and impacts that exponential tech is having on healthcare and medicine.  

Next, we’ll learn about the latest cardiovascular diagnostics, and how AI and sensors will help us find and treat heart disease. First up is AliveCor’s CEO Priya Abani, who will demonstrate the company’s handheld EKG. Next, we’ll hear from Dr. Jim Min, CEO of Cleerly, an incredible AI-based diagnostics company that can visualize soft-plaque from a CT to accurately diagnose and quantify coronary artery disease. 

One of the most exciting companies in the world in this space is called GRAIL, which offers the ability detect over 50 cancers through a simple blood draw. We’ll learn from GRAIL’s CEO Dr. Bob Ragusa and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Josh Ofman about the company’s revolutionary technology and its mission to disrupt oncology screening. 

And that’s just the morning!

For the afternoon and evening on Day 2, we’ll head to Gladstone Institutes, the state-of-the-art biomedical research institute in San Francisco.

President of the Gladstone Institutes Dr. Deepak Srivastava will welcome us to Gladstone, where we’ll hear from world-class scientists and innovators on the latest advancements across a range of areas, including new CRISPR gene editing techniques, a breakthrough class of antiviral therapy to treat viral infections, and stem-cell based therapies being developed to cure Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. 

To close out Day 2, I’m incredibly excited and honored to hear from Nobel Laureate Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. Dr. Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012 for discovering the creation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (IPSC), using what are now known as the four Yamanaka factors.


Day 3 is all about continuing our deep dive and getting hands-on.

We’ll spend most of the day at the Buck Institute, the first independent biomedical research institute dedicated solely to aging and age-related disease. President and CEO of the Buck Institute Dr. Eric Verdin will welcome us and set the stage for us to meet and learn from the Institute’s top researchers and cutting-edge companies doing pioneering work on aging, as well as participate in hands-on lab demonstrations.

Here are just a few of the scientists and innovators we’ll meet:  

  • Kristen Fortney, CEO of BioAge, a clinical-stage biotech company that uses AI and machine learning to develop drugs that target the molecular causes of aging.

  • World-renowned scientist Dr. Jennifer Garrison will give us a state-of-the-art overview on the most promising technologies in women’s reproductive longevity, perhaps the most understudied field of medicine.

  • Greg Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence, a biotech company that brings together world-class scientists to develop a portfolio of therapeutics, dietary products, and functional foods to increase people’s lifespan and healthspan.

We’ll end Day 3 with a Fireside Chat with me and my dear friend Mary Lou Jepsen, PhD, Founder and CEO of Openwater: a brilliant company using a novel lasers, ultrasonics, holographic systems to revolutionize brain and body imaging.

We’ll discuss how portable, wearable imaging tech and therapeutic devices are revolutionizing how we treat strokes, Alzheimer’s, and neuropsychiatric diseases like depression and anxiety.


Think of Day 4 as your opportunity to reflect on everything you’ve learned during the previous days—ask critical follow-up questions and double-click on those topics that are most important to you personally.

Renowned immunologist Dr. David Fagjenbaum, known as “the doctor who cured himself,” will share his personal story on how he diagnosed his own rare disease (Castleman disease) and discovered a treatment, taking him from his deathbed to a thriving life today.

Next, Dr. Hector Lopez will lead us on an exploration of nutraceuticals and hormone optimization. Dr. Lopez is one of the world’s leading experts on nutraceuticals, and he also wrote chapter 10 of Life Force, which I recently published with Tony Robbins.

What should you know about popular nutraceuticals such as NMN and NAD? Which ones are best for you?

I consider Dr. Lopez my personal guide in this area, and you can think of him as your in-house nutraceuticals expert during the Platinum Trip—he’ll join us and offer his invaluable perspective throughout the 5 days.

We’ll close Day 4 with dinner and an Investor Session with leading VCs in biotech and longevity. Which areas are leading VCs in the space focused on? What opportunities should you be looking at if you’re an angel investor, VC, or philanthropist?


Our last day of the Trip is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the future.

What are the most exciting and innovative technologies and applications that will be released in the next 6 to 18 months?

Here’s a snapshot of the Day 5 lineup:

  • Tim Nelson, Board Member organ engineering company HeartWorks, will show us how he and his team are using stem cells and organ regeneration techniques to build hearts and create positive outcomes for people born with congenital heart defects.

  • On the gene therapy and epigenetics front, we’ll hear from aging expert Dr. Morgan Levine, Founding Principal Investigator at Altos Labs, which was famously capitalized jointly by billionaires Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner.

  • CEO Daniel Oliver of anti-aging company Rejuvenate Bio, a startup spun out of Harvard that is on a mission to treat multiple age-related ailments such as heart failure and kidney failure—with a single injection.

  • Denitsa Milanova, PhD, CEO of Marble Therapeutics, a gene therapy spinout from George Church’s lab that is deploying adeno-associated viruses to target genetic diseases of the skin as well as age-related declines in skin function and appearance.

  • Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome, will then discuss the latest insights and practices to help us understand how your gut and microbiome impact your health and longevity.

  • Finally, we’ll hear from one of the most fascinating companies on the planet: de-extinction company Colossal. CEO Ben Lamm and COO Kent Wakeford will talk about the company’s mission to not only bring back the woolly mammoth, but also to create the world’s first software platform for CRISPR.


This August 10-14, 2022 and September 14-18, 2022, I'm taking two groups of VIP entrepreneurs, investors, and longevity-focused individuals on what I call my “Platinum Longevity & Vitality Trip” to San Francisco and San Diego.

Each trip will be a luxury, 5-Star deep dive to meet with the top scientists, CEOs, clinical-stage biotech companies, and research institutes leading the charge against age-related diseases and extending the human healthspan.

Both trips are identical (capped at 35 participants per trip), during which I spend all 5 days with you as your private guide and provocateur. Through this personalized, action-packed program, my mission is to give you first-hand exposure to the major players, scientists, companies and treatments in the longevity and vitality arena.

What you get: All your questions answered. First-hand insights and early access to diagnostics, therapeutics, and investment opportunities.

To lock in your seat, sign up here!

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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