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Future-proof Your Business

Nov 5, 2020

Future-proof Your Business

Entrepreneurs will create more wealth in the next decade than we did in the past century.

We’ll also experience the reinvention of every industry. Understanding how to navigate this accelerating technological change is essential for every leader.

What’s the reason for such dramatic change?

The convergence of exponential technologies… computation, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, biotech, networks, sensors, 3D printing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and blockchain... These technologies are stacking and recombining -- ultimately transforming markets and business models.

The problem with such significant change is that most people fear the future, instead of being excited by it. They fear what they don’t understand and can’t predict.

And fear is a terrible mindset for taking advantage of the opportunities ahead.

The only solution to this fear is knowledge and community

Knowledge of the concrete opportunities most likely to emerge from technological convergence is crucial for every entrepreneur… it’s the difference between leading (and thriving) in business, and getting crushed by today’s tsunami of change.

Participating in a community of Exponential- and Abundance-minded entrepreneurs is what it takes to maintain a positive, future-forward mindset that causes bold, world-changing ideas to thrive.

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Knowledge: Capturing Internet-sized Opportunities & Future-proofing Your Business

Whether you’re in financial services, real estate, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, advertising, or energy… understanding which exponential technologies are emerging and converging is critical to the longevity of your business.

How would you answer these three questions?

  1. Do you understand what technological breakthroughs transpired during the past 12 months that you should be leveraging in your business right now?
  2. Do you have a good handle on the anticipated breakthroughs that could most dramatically impact your business in the next 1-3 years?
  3. Are you clear about the top meta-trends that will shape the decade ahead? (e.g., Autonomous vehicles networks; Convergence of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & 5G; Global Gigabit coverage of 8 billion people and 100 billion devices… just to name a few).

Every January, I personally curate and host my Abundance 360 Mastermind, delivered to a membership of 360 select entrepreneurs, executives, and investors.

A360 answers the above three questions, giving you the latest knowledge required to capture emerging opportunities and future-proof your business.

My goal during A360 is to get every member excited about the future and to help them harness these converging exponential technologies, create wealth, and solve significant global problems.

I’ve committed to running A360 for 25 years (through 2038). This coming January will be year nine of this journey.

Community: Join Me at Abundance 360 in January 2021

If you’re interested in what I think is *most important* for leaders and entrepreneurs to understand going into 2021, here’s what I’ve spent the year preparing for January’s Abundance 360 Mastermind:

Day 1: Proof of Exponentials & Shaping your Exponential Mindset

To get us started, I’ll review some of the most exciting exponential technology breakthroughs. From Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, to 3D Printing and Quantum Computing, we’ll look at the most exciting developments of these and other exponential technologies.

We’ll then dive into what it means to have an Exponential Mindset. How can you overcome our natural bias for linear thinking? How do you apply what you’ve learned to take your business from linear to exponential?

I’ll help you answer these questions and will work with you to hone an Exponential Mindset.

Next, we’ll dive into a special session led by Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight. Keith will break us up into small, co-elevation groups and take us through team-building and empathy-building exercises to help you connect with fellow members.

We’ll end the first day with dinner and A360 member networking. My team has created an AI-based tool to match A360 members based on shared interests and which people are most likely to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Day 2: Proof of Abundance & Shaping your Abundance and Longevity Mindsets

Creating a world of abundance isn’t about creating a world of luxury -- it’s about creating a world of possibility. For everyone.

I’ll spend the first part of Day 2 giving you overwhelming evidence that we are on the path to creating a hopeful, compelling, and abundant future.

You’ll learn how the 6 Ds of exponential growth are disrupting and transforming multiple industries -- including your own.

Through fireside chats with leading entrepreneurs and scientists, I’ll share additional proof of abundance by focusing on the latest developments in Energy, FoodTech and AgTech, Housing & Real Estate, and Education.

How do you take this evidence of abundance and cultivate an Abundance Mindset? I’ll show you how.

For the second part of the day, we’ll dive into cutting-edge companies and technologies that are focused on longevity and helping to extend the human healthspan. We’ll be covering this important topic over two days.

Longevity Module #1: Billions of dollars are being invested every year to extend the healthy human lifespan, to make “100 Years Old the New 60.” This year’s first Longevity Module will cover the revolutionary science of “age-reversal” and will include updates on breakthroughs in longevity science. We’ll hear from leading minds such as David Sinclair, PhD of Harvard Medical School’s Center for the Biology of Aging, and geneticist George Church, one of the creators of the gene-editing CRISPR technology.

We’ll also make sure that what you learn about longevity is actionable with breakout sessions where you can further develop a Longevity Mindset.

Day 3: Extending Your Healthspan & Shaping Your MTP and Moonshot Mindset

We’re going to kick of Day 3 with Longevity Module #2, which will focus on near-term vitality-increasing practices.

What are actionable tips and tools that you can use today to extend your healthspan?

I’ll also have fireside chats about practical life-extending tips and tools from leading scientists and researchers such as neuroscientist Matt Walker on the science of sleep, and Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez Navarrete on how to fuel your body for peak performance and longevity.

During the second half of the day, we’ll focus on shaping your Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) and your Moonshot. This will allow you to identify the technologies and resources necessary for you to create success and significance.

Day 4: Exploring the “Spatial Web”

We’re going to spend a half-day on Day Four exploring Web 3.0, also known as the Spatial Web.

Today’s web is flat, but we of course exist in three dimensions.

Augmented Reality and the Spatial Web will transform how we live our everyday lives, impacting every industry from retail and advertising, to education and entertainment.

Besides hearing from leading experts in the area, during this final session of the A360 Mastermind, you’ll be able to tour a range of spatial spaces and sites to get a feel for this new environment.

More important, you’ll learn how you can use Spatial Web technology for your own business.

To learn more and apply to A360, visit abundance360.com.

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