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The Power of Community

Nov 4, 2018

The Power of Community

Life is who you go through life with.

You’ve likely heard the saying that you’re the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. But beyond individuals, the communities you spend the most time with directly and consequentially impact your mindset.

I consider myself extremely lucky that my community — the place where I spend the most time — revolves around my Abundance, Singularity University and XPRIZE ecosystems. These men and women understand we are living in the most extraordinary time ever.

As entrepreneurs, we have access to more capital, knowledge and computational power than ever before. Today, each one of us has the power to attack and make a dent in billion-person grand challenges, such as poverty or hunger — unthinkable just a few decades ago.

When you come up with a crazy idea, or talk about exponential technologies, or brainstorm solutions to billion-person problems, do you have a support network that inspires and supports your big thinking? Or do friends shut you down and tell you that you’re crazy?

Remember that the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea. To be inventive, to make a difference in the world, an entrepreneur needs a support network that will embrace and explore crazy ideas. Your community shapes what you do.

If you want to lose weight, hang out with skinny people.

If you want to be fit, hang out with friends who exercise. 

If you want to think big and aspire to change the world, hang out with people who have Moonshots and massively transformative missions.

We forget how recently it was that our birthplace and the language we speak shaped our destiny, influencing our identity and potential. This is no longer the case.

Today, each of us has the ability to search the world and find “our peeps,” wherever they may live on the planet. Our goal should be to find those who dream the same big dreams and believe in a better, more abundant world. 

I believe that there is nothing more important than “community” for an entrepreneur. As I’ve written, our communities shape our mindsets, passions, hobbies, and our Moonshots.

It’s for that reason that I created my Abundance Community  both my CEO Summit (Abundance 360) that gathers 360 CEOs each January in Beverly Hills  and our Digital community that gathers every day through our Abundance Digital App.

I so love the spirit and mindset of our community. In today’s world of constant change, our members are finding support within this digital, borderless community.

Like Burgundy Morgan, who recently told my team, “I’m thrilled that I found Abundance Digital. I’ve always felt like a ‘weird, odd duck’  I feel like I found my tribe of optimists!” 

Or Rosario Galvan, who said, “Abundance Digital is unlike any other mastermind I've seen. I love that you actually interact with people face-to-face. The code of conduct encourages a focus on humanity and impact. I feel less lonely when I'm surrounded by people acting on their big ideas.”

Their words resonate with me because I feel the same way. When I’m with my Abundance “tribe,” every challenge is solvable. My communities inspire me, challenge my thinking, and keep me focused on my MTP and Moonshots.

As an entrepreneur pursuing bold Moonshots, it’s critical you regularly connect with a like-minded community to share resources and sharpen your resolve. It’s perhaps the most important investment you can make to scale your impact.

About Abundance Digital

My team and I created Abundance Digital after realizing the power of my 360-person mastermind Abundance 360 (which always sells out). It’s an online community with daily conversations surrounding technology, the future and how to create a positive impact.

Exclusive programming includes weekly State of the State updates and live webinars (40+ per year) with me, my team, and featured experts and CEOs. Members also receive the full livestream of my annual A360 summit (a $15,000 value), plus over 100+ hours of coursework and video archives from past webinars and summits. For more information, click here.

Best wishes,

Peter H. Diamandis, MD

P.S. This Wednesday (Nov 7th), I’m sitting down with my dear friend Tony Robbins for a webinar to discuss “Vitality, Longevity & Human Purpose during our Exponential Age.” This is a great way to get a taste of the content we offer in Abundance Digital, and I guarantee you’ll leave the webinar feeling like there is no better time ever to be alive! Secure your spot and register here.

If you feel a calling to make a bigger impact, I invite you to join us.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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