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11 min read

Disrupting Real Estate & Construction

By Peter H. Diamandis on May 26, 2019

In the wake of the housing market collapse of 2008, one entrepreneur decided to dive right into the..

Topics: Energy Abundance Materials Science AR/VR Transportation Abundance 360 Real Estate a360 virtual reality Autonomous Drones materials autonomous vehicles construction flying cars electric vehicles immersive worlds solar cells solar power cars ridesharing future of real estate future of construction new structures seasteading Boring Company floating cities future of cities
11 min read

Future of Cities Part 2: Visions of the Future

By Peter H. Diamandis on Mar 10, 2019

Tomorrow’s cities are reshaping almost every industry imaginable, and birthing those we’ve never..

Topics: Energy Abundance Materials Science Data AI Real Estate Artificial Intellegence Autonomous Drones IoT materials connectivity solar energy trillion sensor economy autonomous vehicles China smart cities internet of things Spatial Web construction mobile devices cities infrastructure urbanization Estonia megacities microcities Dubai Xiong'an New Area traffic flying cars
14 min read

Abundance Insider: March 8th, 2019

By Peter H. Diamandis on Mar 8, 2019

In this week's Abundance Insider: Backflipping zoomorphic robots, SpaceX’s autonomous ISS..

Topics: Abundance Insider Space Robotics Transportation retail Artificial Intellegence robots healthcare Tesla SpaceX biotech deepfakes future of retail flying cars
9 min read

Abundance Insider June 17 Edition

By Peter H. Diamandis on Jun 17, 2016

In this week's Abundance Insider: Virtual power plants, 3D printed pizza and major investments in..

Topics: Abundance Insider 3D Printing Artificial Intellegence CRISPR flying cars nasa