Future of Cities Part 2: Visions of the Future

Tomorrow’s cities are reshaping almost every industry imaginable, and birthing those we’ve never heard of.

Future of Smart Cities - Part 1

Each week alone, an estimated 1.3 million people move into cities, driving urbanization on an unstoppable scale. 

Abundance Insider: January 11th, 2019

In this week's Abundance Insider: Roll-up TVs, next-gen smart supermarkets, and a new Gigafactory breaks ground. Cheers, Peter, Marissa, Kelley, Greg, Bri, Jarom, Joseph, Derek, Jason, Claire and Max P.S. Send any tips to our team by clicking here, and send your friends and family to this link to subscribe to Abundance Insider. P.P.S. Want to learn more about exponential technologies and hone in[…]

The Spatial Web - Part 2

Converging exponential technologies will transform media, advertising and the retail world. The world we see, through our digitally enhanced eyes, will multiply and explode with intelligence, personalization and brilliance.

The Spatial Web - Part 1

The boundaries between digital and physical space are disappearing at a breakneck pace. What was once static and boring is becoming dynamic and magical.

My 25-Year Commitment & Focus for 2019

Imagine publicly making a 25-year commitment to something you’re passionate about. How would your mindset change? In 2013, I committed to running an annual mastermind called Abundance 360 (A360) for 25 years… and that statement fundamentally changed my mindset. In this blog, I’ll share the backstory of this commitment, and how long-term thinking has the power to make a huge impact. I’ll also[…]

Join Me at Exponential Medicine

The convergence of exponential technologies — including machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, networks, sensors, synthetic biology and quantum computing — is transforming healthcare.

The Future of Insurance

We profit from it, we fear it, and we find it impossibly hard to quantify… risk.

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