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8 min read

Abundance Insider: October 28th, 2019

By Peter H. Diamandis on Oct 28, 2019

In this week's Abundance Insider: Google's quantum computing breakthrough, a new gene-editing technique, and NASA's collaboration with Caterpillar on Moon mining machines.

Topics: Abundance Insider Robotics google solar solar energy autonomous vehicles Genetics CRISPR quantum computing nasa solar cells solar power solar roof extraplanetary colonies genetic engineering Caterpillar
9 min read

(Sun)Bathed in Solar Energy Abundance

By Peter H. Diamandis on Aug 4, 2019

Every five days, the Sun provides the Earth with as much energy as all proven supplies of oil, coal and natural gas.

Topics: Energy Abundance Exponentials Tesla solar solar energy solar cells solar power energy storage energy abundance SolSunTech photovoltaics perovskite SunPower SolarCity solar roof panel efficiency Sun future of energy Perovskite PV Panasonic