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What’s your 25-year commitment?

Jun 4, 2018

25-year commitment

Imagine publicly making a 25-year commitment to something you’re passionate about.

How would your mindset change?

In 2013, I committed to run Abundance 360 (A360), my 360-person entrepreneurs’ mastermind, for 25 years.

In this blog, I’ll share the backstory of that commitment, and how you can tap into the power of long-term thinking to make a bigger impact.

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25 Years of A360

In 2013, I was at an event, getting ready to go onstage and introduce Abundance 360 to a group of entrepreneurs and marketers.

Dan Sullivan, co-founder of Strategic Coach and my personal coach, pulled me aside. “Peter,” he said, “if you really want to make this stick, why don’t you tell them you’ll do it for 25 years?”

Like so many great ideas, it instantly clicked. A360 should be a 25-year journey, a countdown to the Singularity.

Ten minutes later, I went onstage and introduced A360 as “my 25-year-long CEO program for abundance and exponentially minded entrepreneurs.”

The instant I publicly did that, I experienced a game-changing mindset shift. It changed the way I thought about my life. What I was committed to. Who I needed to be in the world.

Doing the math, a 25-year journey would culminate around 2038.

What will the world look by 2038? It’s pretty extraordinary, especially when you consider the exponentially growing technologies my team and I are following.

Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence, quantum computation, brain-computer interfaces, blockchain technologies, synthetic biology and global gigabit connectivity, to name a few. All these, individually and in convergence, will create more wealth in the next 10 years than in the past century, and transform every industry and every company.

What will these technologies enable after 20 doublings of exponential growth? Everything will profoundly change.

The Power of Long-Term Thinking

Ultimately, your vision is a byproduct of your mindset.

With a scarcity mindset, you become protectionist and limited in your thinking: “I can’t afford to think about the future -- I’ve got to worry about what’s going on right now.”

An abundance mindset enables you to think long-term: “The future is better than you can possibly imagine, and I’m going to be investing because I’m looking at 10x growth.”

Your mindset matters. Doing big, risky things is difficult -- and it’s even harder if you lack stability in your life. Paraphrasing my friend Tony Robbins, we need to have certainty in our lives before we can withstand uncertainty.

When you get clarity about your mission over a 25-year timeframe, you give yourself stability -- and permission to dream even bigger. You’re able to enjoy current progress, instead of feeling stressed to immediately achieve your final goal.

A360 has become a central organizing principle in my life. I spend all year getting ready for the annual event -- and my focus is delivering context on the future. I help members answer three questions:

  1. What technologies are going from deceptive to disruptive in the coming year?
  2. What is your Massively Transformative Purpose & Moonshot? (i.e. What is the impact you will make in life as you go from success to significance?)
  3. How will these technologies transform your business and what do you do about it?

I believe we’re living in the most extraordinary time ever… and that the future is coming faster than most of us realize.

Your ability to anticipate change and make better, faster decisions is critical in the decades ahead.

Our 2019 membership is 90% full. To learn more about A360 and apply, head here.

P.S. If you’re interested in hearing more behind-the-scenes stories like this, Dan Sullivan and I co-host a podcast for entrepreneurs called Exponential Wisdom. (We discuss the A360 origin story in Episode 42.)

P.P.S. Peter has also created a Digital/Online community of bold, abundance-minded entrepreneurs called Abundance DigitalAbundance-Digital is Peter’s ‘onramp’ for exponential entrepreneurs – those who want to get involved and play at a higher level. Click here to learn more.

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